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Final Assignment

This has been a very interesting class. It’s the only class I’ve taken that has been almost completely on the web.  Before taking Feedback Journalism I never participated in blogging, commenting, and communicating in general on the internet(except on Facebook), and I’ve learned a lot about it. With the shift of journalism to the internet, I think a web-based class like this is very beneficial and crucial to the education of journalism students. There were some assignments I really enjoyed, and some not so much. There were some I though of as successful, and some not so much.

I’ll start with the assignments I really enjoyed. For one thing, I liked the fact that some of the posts we made every week could be about whatever we wanted. This was a great way to make the class interesting, get students to write about things that interest them, and made it easier to enter the comment culture. Many of the assigned posts acted in this same way. Commenting on Yelp, “Get Your Comment On”, and assignment three were all great assignments. They were fun and personalized, while at the same time teaching us about the comment culture.

As far as getting me into the comments, I think assignment three was the most beneficial to me. Because I spent time constructing my argument, and it was a topic I had a pretty strong opinion on, I really got into it when people would refute my position. I couldn’t wait to comment back and defend my argument, it was the first assignment that really got me going back and commenting multiple times. This assignment gave me a better idea of the importance of comments, when they are validand informed.

The portion of the class I had the most trouble wit was the talk radio part. I chose not to do the project in which we were supposed to call talk radio shows. I’m not an outgoing person, I don’t listen to talk radio, I had no idea what I would possibly say on a show, and I just couldn’t do it. Learning about talk radio was deffinetly interesting, I really enjoyed the readings that were assigned about it. My shyness got the better of me, however, and kept me from participating in the assignment. Looking back, I regret skipping the it. It probably would have been a good learning experience, if nothing else.

I don’t think I will be commenting to often in the future. So many sites are covered with bad comments, and I just feel like they are a complete waste of time. There is, however, one aspect of the commenting culture that this class has turned me on to. Reviews. This class introduced me to Yelp, which I find to be a very useful website, and will deffinetly be using quite often from now on. Browsing reviews on the web is a great way to find restaurants or other businesses in your area, something I didn’t realize before. Also, I like posting my opinion about restaurants that I recommend or don’t reccomend.

All in all, I really enjoyed this class, and I think that every journalism major should take it. It’s focus on the internet and its infinite uses is important for people of our generation to learn about and become familiar with.


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